What i’m gonna start of saying, is who i am. Because this will set the tone for the rest of this blog.


To sum me up in three words, i would say that i am: Nothing… without Christ.


My life story has been rough, to say the least, but then again whose hasn’t been.

What makes me so special for my life to be dull?

So unfortunate to have such a fortune that as a person my poverty is a scourge to the general public?

I honestly don’t know. Nothing in my life has been about me, although, very often, that’s the very thing i’ve tried to do. Make everything about me; and i’ve paid the price for it. And everyone else has had to chip in because my offenses went far beyond myself.


You see, sin has that effect. Infecting you, and everyone around you. Just ask Eve, the soldier in Joshua’s camp, David, and even Satan, who because of him, 1/3 of the angels got thrown out of Heaven. That last name seems inappropriate to throw into the list right? Wrong. Because sin has that effect. Leveling us all out. Showing us all to have that same attribute that will always be punished. Basically, hatred towards GOD.

But away from the preaching, this message may resurface another time. I’m not perfect, as none of us ever are. I procrastinate a lot, i lust, i’m selfish a bit more than i like to be, i’ve fallen over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over and OOVVERRR (don’t worry, it’s over :P)  again, and oh, i have insecurities about stuff still.

So what i guess i’m trying to say here is *drumroll please*



I’m HUMAN!!! WOOOHOOO!!!, so you’ll take everything i say as from a person who is still growing (as a person), who doesn’t know it all and who just wants to help others from what i’ve learn’t along the way. But the One thing you SHould, will all seriousness take into consideration, is the scriptures is use (check the context yourself) and ALWAYS, check to make sure for yourself that what i write lines up with God’s Word.

We’ve become a society that has become lazy and takes everything people give to them at face value without researching it for themselves.

I’m a guy BIG on Purpose, Music, Creativity, Awesomeness, Sports (Arsenal FC to the haters!!) and most of all GOD. Love me some Eternal One ❤

SO!…..Have an open mind, feel free to comment (please be kind) and let’s have some fun!! dancing


Be blessed everyone!!! And let’s move forward with Purpose in mind as we Die to ourselves as we Serve with Humility and Fight with Love in life’s Wars, for ourselves and everyone around us.

“Work Hard on your dreams. Work even harder to help others. Until my whole team is winning I’m not finished working! Grind for someone else :)” – Natalie Lauren

His Grace is Sufficient, His Word is Enough!


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