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servant of the LORD Jesus Christ. modern languages student, wordist (scientist specializing in words), musician at heart, becoming a man.

Live or Die.

A life of doing wrong is being as a blood-thirsty undead. A life of doing good is being a servant. A state of doing nothing …┬áis where Death is. This is what is below mediocrity and above suicide, though both … Continue reading

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How much is enough? How much information does it take to convince someone of anything? I figure people see the answer to this question somewhat with the saying at the back of their minds, “time heals all things”. But that … Continue reading

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Matthew 6:19-21 A proper dissection of the human heart and mind. The heart because of what the mind wants and the mind because of what the mind will do to satisfy its heart. For a while now, i’ve found myself … Continue reading

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Is Christianity Optional?

A tough question for all the theologians out there… When is Christianity optional? I’ve been hearing that there are Christian rappers and then there rappers who are Christian, that there isn’t a music genre for Christians to call their own, … Continue reading

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The Seven Qualities of Perfect Teammates

The Seven Qualities of Perfect Teammates.

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Jesus is our Banner

  “God himself and not the quantity of our faith is the decisive factor in flinging mulberry trees out of the way” – John Piper This post, so it seemed, had been over-due for about a week now and it … Continue reading

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First of all, All thanks be to The Most High God Who reigns Eternity to Eternity. to Whom i owe everything and From Whom All good and perfect gifts come. my Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ, the Only Begotten … Continue reading

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